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just a mess art...~ :iconhurrdurrplz:


those are awesome :icontearplz:


Holiday P.Comm (CLOSED)
Serenity Princess by NeyzaFluodrence
AT : Shoe~ by NeyzaFluodrence
Just Like An Adventure by NeyzaFluodrence
Open Holiday P.Commission~!
100:points: per order (+50 for additional character)

note ney if you're interested~ :heart:

Commissioner list : 


please watch ney for further information about commission :icongawwplz:


Sakata Gintoki by NeyzaFluodrence
Sakata Gintoki
whooooo first fanart and first speed painting in 2015~

done in 17minutes (approximately)

for video, see here

Sakata Gintoki (c) Sorachi Hideaki
Chibi P.Comm : TeiRona by NeyzaFluodrence
Chibi P.Comm : TeiRona
uwuwuuwuwwuwuwuwuwuwuw finallyyyy :iconsawbplz: ney sorry for the super late mama JBeanSV 

hope you like iiitttttt :iconsawbplz:
also ney sorry for using Tei's teen uniform instead of his actual armor-- papa is super pro in details ney cannot-- :iconlazycryplz: 

anyway, hope you like iiittttt
ney sorry if there's mistake in this art :iconuhuhuhuplz:

Verona (c) JBeanSV 
Tei (c) Rumbl3Fish 
Ethernitas App : Delion S by NeyzaFluodrence
Ethernitas App : Delion S
uwooooooooo new rp grouuuppp hope ney can pass sorry for bad grammar-- :icongtthblushplz:

Name: Delion Sulaiman

Age: 19

Species: Werewolf

Height: 176cm/210cm in werewolf form

Origin: Bat Cliffs, Zeventus

Continent: Zeventus

Occupation: Blacksmith Assistant

Weapon: Wrench and all other mechanic tools


Born from happy family as youngest son made Delion a bit spoiled, especially to his brother. But in his 13th birthday, all of his family got murdered by his fathers enemy. fortunately Delion and his brother managed to escape to the Griffin Plain. After they got in Griffin Plain, Delion's brother killed by Griffin attacks. Before his last breath, he told Delion to run and search for help. Delion then ran to Riverbank Frontier and hide in ruins of abandoned village. With provision that he brought, Delion succesfully survived for a few days and he realized that he cannot life longer if he's just relying on his current stock. Thus, he search for something to sell in ruins and went to Springriver Falls. There he met with a kind-hearted blacksmith that he called uncle who is willing to take care of him, with note Delion has to help him with his jobs. Delion hates Griffin who killed his brother, but he doesn't intent to take revenge because he thinks that taking revenge will just make another revenge (or maybe he's too scared to just meet griffin). He wants to live peacefully with other people in Velandi.


simple minded
obedient (only to his uncle)

easily distracted
weak not in werewolf form

Skills (human form) :

- He can fight with all of his tools in his pocket ,whether just to outwit opponents or fight back to protect himself. However, he choose to run or hide instead of fighting because fighting is troublesome for him. He can also fight bare-handed

- fast runner

- Repairing things. As blacksmith yea he could repair your heart if you want *wink* #no

Skills (werewolf form) :

- stronger than human form (he can cut off a big tree (diameter 90cm) with his claws)
- faster than human form (160km/h in perfect, hungry condition)
- sharp instinct and hear (he can hear your whisper voice clearly from 50m far)

Werewolf Form : 
In werewolf form, he transformed into some creature like beast (in beauty and the beast) with thick fur,long legs and his hand touching ground (210cm) . He can lift up to 160kg with his hands. his fur and thick skin makes him can survive with any weapon attack (if your weapon is very sharp, of course he'll be damaged #laughs). a single blow from silver bullet could make him got critical hit.
he's fast, his speed can up to 160km/h in his perfect condition.
for reference about how he looks :…

Trivia :

:bulletred: Delion's often calls himself "Dede"

:bulletred: he cannot transform with his own will (he forgot how after met the uncle), he automatically transform to werewolf in full moon on friday

Status Point

SP : 120 total
Used : 120
Remaining :

Human :
Str: 20

Vit: 18

Agl: 27

Dex: 10

Trans: 45

Werewolf :
Str: 35

Vit: 20

Agl: 35

Dex: 30

Trans: 0



uuuuuu ney hope this is the last time ney join an RP group :icongtthblushplz: gonna update this app when ney got in (maybe #shot)
Rame-rame by NeyzaFluodrence
:iconehesmileplz: nyoba gambar rame2 pake digi dan wow... ternyata menyenangkan~ :heart:

ya mskipun akhirnya males benerin proporsi, perspektif dan segala tetek bengek yg ada :iconehesmileplz: ini juga masih ngerasa ga selesai tapi gatau lagi dah haahahahahahahaah udah mager #dor kalo ga mager, mungkin ntar diapdet hehe//plek

ini semua OC2 ney yg masuk grup RP maupun yg udah keluar yg belom masuk juga ada dan yg ga ada kepalanya itu gijinka ney semua hahahahahaah kebetulan baru nyadar kalo mreka gijinka-- #desh

dan oc2 lama masih buanyaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk banget yg belom prnh kegambar lagi hahahahahaha </s> kapan2 bikin ginian lagi heheheheheheheeheheheheheeheheheh skalian latian koloring eheeheheheheeheheheheheheehheehehehh //udah

all chara (c) ney
P.Comm : Arden by NeyzaFluodrence
P.Comm : Arden
teruntuk :icongibrayel: makasih udah beli~ semoga suka :icongawwplz: maaf ga mirip hiks :iconlazycryplz: 

Arden (c) Gibrayel 


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Neyza Fluodrence Vaughn
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i'm just a random person who likes to doing random things and easily got sleepy if i didn't do anything :iconureshiiplz:
also, i like being ureshii ureshii (?) :iconureshiiplz: thanks dor anyone who made the ureshii icon.. it fits me so much #srapped
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and me~


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:iconhappyblueplz: :iconsaysplz: sankyuuuu...


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so ney is in holiday and kinda free from homework :iconureshiiplz:
ney will open a point commission now~

will draw your order like this : 

Just Like An Adventure by NeyzaFluodrenceAT : Shoe~ by NeyzaFluodrenceSerenity Princess by NeyzaFluodrence

the price is 100:points: /character (+50 for additional character), note ney if you are interested :iconureshiiplz:

thankyou, and happy holiday~ :heart:

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